Brains and Porn


Three reasons why you should get the Lesbian Curves 3: Soft Girls and Strapons DVD for preorder. Playing with Maxine Holloway was sooooo freakin’ hot! She’s evil in the best ways- my tits were bruised for days.

Shot by Courtney Trouble and Ajapopfilms


i want realistic modern fantasy like

someone finding a dragon egg and livetweeting the process of trying to hatch it (with no prior knowledge on how a dragon egg should be hatched)

a guy selling an enchanted sword on craigslist

a tattoo artist who does spell runes but for really mundane stuff like conjuring a bound demonic pen or for summoning your keys

summoning a demon for the vine

selfies with mermaids

prank calling wizards


william shakespeare wrote a black italian lead but ofc there cant be any poc in frozen its in europe


Last night my boyfriend and I went to a gay night. As usual, given our small glbtqia community, I was the only trans guy there, and one of the only afab ppl there who wasn’t cis het. (I am actually intersex, and was given massive amounts of estrogen at puberty and had…


Busty Blueart by CoaX


Busty Blue
art by CoaX


Mary Lambert - Secrets 

Yes girl! Love it <3


A blog dedicated to gathering audio of English pronouns being pronounced. This is meant to be a resource for the nonbinary and trans community.

If you want to help, you can record yourself pronouncing a set of pronouns and tag it “pronoun pronunciation” so I can reblog it. Check out the "how it works" page for details.

Please reblog to spread the word!


at this point I’ve nearly forgotten that pirating movies and software is illegal


Been a bad kitty *meow*

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